I teach psychology at North Seattle College. I’ve been there 15 years, tenured for half that.

I’ve always been intrigued by stats and data.  Never really followed it until about 5 years ago when I realized how much data is used for and against people (Pres. Clownstick as an example).

I’m not an actuary, I’m no stat savant.  I think I can get better at thinking with stats and probability with consistent practice.  Maybe I can help some small organizations do the same.

I’m also a husband and a father with two boston terriers and two cats.  That bit about being a father takes up a lot of time and sleep, and so everything takes more effort now.  Not complaining…just a truth.

I’m also a liberal who thinks the U.S. should be more like Scandinavia in terms of policy, so yay for social democracy.

I’m also a union member and supporter.  Many people ask why unions should be supported because they the assume unions make things inefficient.  Well, inefficient for whom?  Democracy is inefficient, after all.  And those in power will speak to the wants of those who see value in efficiency to give up freedoms and rights in search of pure efficiency.  It’s a philosophical problem that has been embedded in our psychology and identities.  So, efficiency is actually a type of oppression, from a certain point of view.

Why all this blather?  Because I want to help those union members and others who need help with stats.

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